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VIDEO: All Hell Breaks Loose Inside A Classroom As A Learner Jumps Onto The Back Of A Teacher

All hell breaks loose inside a school classroom as we see school children fighting amongst each other which has caused a serious stir on social media, with many people saying that this is one of the most hilarious things that they’ve seen. Especially the part, where the teacher is seen just simply watching the fight go on and not even trying to do anything to stop it.

But the thing didn’t stop there because it ended up in a situation where one of the learners got onto the back of the teacher in a comical way, and pointed at the fight so the teacher was forcing him to get off his back. But, that is something that has seriously made a lot of people simply laugh about it.

As we speak it is unclear how the fight even started but it seems like the school learners are in a situation where they’re letting their frustrations out, but what they’re doing is fighting inside the classroom which is completely unacceptable. And it is known that they can fight outside, so they’re basically compromising their situation this way. Many people are in a situation where they are simply very cautious of such fights, because as you can see there’re desks and chairs everywhere. It is easy for one of the learners to fall, and possibly break a hand which is something that is a bit horrific if you were to think about it.

But it seems like the boys were fighting for a little bit of time before they even broke it off showing that they are in a situation, where they’re simply showing a little bit of logic. We actually saw some getting in between the boys, and break it off which is a good sign. This is something that is done a lot in the schools with these young impressionable guys thinking that fighting is something that is honourable, but it is not especially if you loose an eye or something along those lines.