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VIDEO: Brenda Fassie tells her son to be a lawyer & ‘look after my money’

Whoever coined the phrase “mothers know best” obviously knew what they were on about, and tweeps saw the proof in an old video that resurfaced on Twitter of Brenda and a young Bongani Fassie.

In the retro interview, Brenda can be heard telling Bongani that even though she knows he loves music, she hopes he becomes a lawyer so he can protect her legacy.

“A lawyer is very good. In fact, I’m not gonna force you to be anything. But I think being a lawyer will be good so that you can look after mommy’s affairs. So at least people must stop cheating mommy. You must be handling my money, my everything … You must be a lawyer. In fact, please just think about being a lawyer, you don’t have to be one but …” Brenda says in the cute interview.

Looking at what has happened with the fights over Brenda’s legacy and estate since her death in 2004, tweeps could not help but comment on how right she was to advise Bongani to consider studying law.

Listen to the video and the advice Brenda gave her son.

The high court in Pretoria recently dismissed an application by Brenda’s manager, Sello “Chicco” Twala, to permanently interdict her son from going ahead with a movie about his mother’s life.

“I had doubts the film would happen,” a relieved Bongani told the Sunday Times last week.

“But I promised the nation I would make sure that my mother’s story would be told, and now that I am seeing the fulfillment of it, I am a little overwhelmed,” Bongani said.

The video resonated with people, even more, this time because of the recent court finding and it dominated the timeline as people said Brenda knew that people would fight her son for her legacy.

A true testament of why it is important to always listen to what mama says. Always!


Source: TimesLIVE