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VIDEO: Check out what Mamkhize was caught doing with a TLB that left many speechless

Mamkhize was first known to us from her reality show KwaMamkhize. We got to see glimpses of her lavish life which she maintains flawlessly. From massive houses to expensive cars as well as designer clothing she is living the soft life.

As you might have seen TLB’s have been in the news recently for the wrong reasons. From demolishing girlfriend’s house to destroying mother in laws house it has been used for wrong reasons these days. Mamkhize is using it quite different. As you might have heard Mamkhize owns a construction company that builds affordable mansions in eThekwini which is Durban in Kwazulu Natal. So she is using TLB to earn money.

She posted a video on her Instagram on a TLB off to her construction work. She also mentioned that she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. With her estimated 300 million net worth she is making a lot of money with her construction company. Let’s draw inspiration from this lady and get inspired to make money even if it means getting our hands dirty.