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VIDEO: Connie Ferguson set to quit acting for boxing this year

Well, her career which spans for decades will be coming to an end this year and the seasoned actress has indicated that she will be making her next stop in the boxing ring. Little is known about her retirement but the word of the street has it that she is retiring from acting this year.

No doubt her absence will make a difference. Connie Ferguson has made all sorts of headlines with her stellar performances and has capped her acting brilliance with several accolades to attest to her prowess on and behind the camera.

Well, the seasoned star actress Connie Ferguson is set to make hefty amounts of money from boxing once she calls it quits when it comes to acting. In the wake of this development, it has been established that the seasoned actress is considering retiring this year from acting and the close source has it that the star actress would be pursuing boxing in the wake of her retirement.

Many who have been following her well can attest to the fact that she has been sharing her boxing lessons more often. She has been sharing videos of herself boxing in a ring, but it’s believed she’s doing it just to be fit.

However, she dropped a bomb on Instagram with a new video of her boxing. Connie says she’s looking at making boxing her next source of income as a professional boxer. The video which has since left Mzansi talking was captioned.

The video which has since gone viral left lots of her followers concurred. However, it is this very same video that has sparked the rumour which is making all sorts of rounds patterning her retirement. Rumour has it that the seasoned actress might be retiring from acting this year.

Recently Connie Ferguson made all sorts of headlines when she was fingered to be behind Sharon from Generations absence from our screens.

Well, social media can thrust one into stardom and at the same time, it can ruin one’s career of a lifetime. Of late Shona Ferguson has seen himself trending for wrong reasons and rumour has it that he has a baby with former Generations star actress Kagiso Rakosa who played the might, Sharon, from 2005-2011.