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VIDEO: Cops dressed down and robbed on daylight in Tembisa

As humiliating as it is some Cops were dressed down to mare citizens by robbers in Tembisa. Incompetence and negligence of office have characterized the order of the day when it comes to law-enforcing agents. It’s so embarrassing to see the viral videos of police abusing office or getting mugged or dealt with by marauding gangsters.

A clip of some local police officials getting robbed in Tembisa of their firearms has been shared on Twitter by a local Twitter user. However it is unclear exactly when the eyebrow-raising and quite concerning crime took place, many locals were still left extremely shook by how our police found themselves in that situation.

A lot of them headed to the comment section where they expressed their concern and disappointment in the crime situation in South Africa. One thing you never expect to see is police officers getting robbed by brazen criminals in broad daylight while surrounded by a number of witnesses. Well, exactly this happened right here in South Africa.

In the viral video police officers can be seen getting approached by armed men who then proceed to demand that the cops hand over their firearms, which they end up doing.

However, Mzansi voiced its concerns. Some social media users blamed the government for not taking punitive measures against crime offenders. “This country is a movie #DiepCityMzansi,” Shonny captioned the clip.