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VIDEO: Doctor Caught On Camera Inserting His Manhood Into A Pregnant Woman’s Mouth While Giving Birth

A Brazilian anaesthetist has been arrested after getting caught on camera inserting his manhood in a heavily sedated pregnant woman’s mouth who was giving birth through a cesarean operation.

A video believed to have been secretly recorded by authorities at Hospital da Mulher in São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro, is making rounds on social media showing Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, doing the terrible act.

In the video, a woman was lying unconsciously on the operation bed. There are medical practitioners in the room, including Giovanni, who takes his position at the patient’s head and is responsible for monitoring the patient. While doing so, Giovanni takes out his manhood and inserts it in the woman’s mouth. After 10 minutes of his manhood in the woman’s mouth, Giovanni takes out wipes and wipes the woman’s mouth and covers his private parts.

The hospital authorities secretly recorded Giovanni after a series of complaints were lodged against him over his tendency to administer heavy doses of anaesthetics during deliveries.

Watch the video below:

Local news has indicated that Giovanni, who completed his studies two months ago, was in the habit of chasing away people from theatre rooms during deliveries and heavily dosing patients.

One victim’s husband, who spoke to the media after seeing the doctor’s face on national television, revealed that he was chased from the hospital the day his wife was giving birth.

“The guy who gives anaesthesia told me to leave halfway through. I hadn’t even seen the child, and my wife had already slept,” he said.

Cases of medical professionals violating patients have been on the rise. Earlier this month, a British doctor was sentenced to 25 years in prison for 63 counts related to the repeated s3xual assault of his patients.

Dr Hamid Rabiee would touch his victims’ breasts, buttocks and vaginal area during exams. In 2020, a 49-year-old clinic doctor was found guilty of drugging and touching many patients in Australia.