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VIDEO: Drunk Policewoman Struggles To Stand Up

Now, it is always disappointing to see police officers behave in this manner and there are a number of reasons why that is the case.

People should, at least know what a police officer’s mandate is, this is not the first time this happens, there have been other police officers who were caught and it might not be the last.

South Africans expect a lot from the South African Police Service (SAPS), we cannot say that this kind of behaviour assures them that the police in this country are disciplined.

It only takes that one bad thing for people to come at you, that is totally true and when another police officer does what this woman did, people will surely question the credibility of the police again.

This police officer, who goes by the name MaNdlovu was clearly intoxicated, it is not clear if she had consumed alcohol or smoked something. But it was reported that she had drank alcohol, as you can see, she was literally on her knees, in the video, MaNdlovu is told to stand up on several occasions.

She struggled to get up, the moment was probably embarrassing and if MaNdlovu has seen this already, then she probably wishes that she could turn back time.

However, this is one thing that she should have thought about before, it is not clear when the incident happened, but it was revealed that the video was, supposedly taken by a security and the commander lied to the general to cover for MaNdlovu.

It may seem like things are hectic here, all those involved might get fired if that has not happened yet.

When something like this happens, we expect the police to do something, when you consider to be a police officer, you must know that discipline is key.

You cannot protect South African citizens if you are gullible, if you love alcohol, it can be easy for people to bribe you because you have an urge to satisfy. This might be a lesson to those who might want to be police officers in future.

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