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VIDEO: Duduzane preparing his dad on how to defend himself in prison

Former president Jacob Zuma sits next to his son Duduzane Zuma at the Randburg Magistrates court in Johannesburg, where the son of the former statesman is facing a culpable homicide charge for crashing his Porche into a taxi in 2014. Picture: Alaister Russell/The Sunday Times

Since Jacob Zuma’s trial started a few months many people got to realise the support he has been getting, more than anything the noticed the support he has been getting from his son Duduzane Zuma. He left Hus life and businesses in Dubai so he can come here and support his father, he has been his right hand man since the battle started and hr has continues to be there for him. This shows that their relationship is solid, many people were left complimenting their father and son relationship as some say they wish to also have such and strkmf relationship with their children.

A video of Zuma and Duduzane was shared on social media as the father and son were having a bonding time together practicing fiest fight together, considering that these are two grown up many it’s accepted of them that that’s how they choose to have their father and son time together. Some people who saw the video were left envying their bond, they most of the time Duduzane us in Dubai and Jacob is always in Nkandla but each time they get together its like Duduzane never left. Considering how strong Duduzane is the public are saying that as long as he is by his father’s side, no harm will come to Zuma as he is willing to fight his father’s battle.

As much as others were seeing the good in the video of Duduzane spending quality time with his father, some decided to see the negative as they say Duduzane is preparing his father for jail. It looks like its not everyone that is on Jack Zuma’s side as some wants to see him behind bars.