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VIDEO: Eat ARV’s rather than drinking them. Khanyi Mbau is HIV positive, Zodwa Wabantu reveals

We can all she left Mzansi confused given the fact that Mbau once indicated that Mthembu had more affection for Zodwa that her despite being a married man. Mandla has since called it quits with Zodwa and Mbau but their feud seems to be not done yet.

During the fiery confrontation, Khanyi Mbau accused controversial dancer and businesswoman Zodwa of trying to infect her with HIV/AIDS since she was sleeping with her ex.

However, Zodwa was singing from a different hymnal to the of Mbau. It seems as if Zodwa has a different story to tell. The controversial dancer was more than convinced that Khanyi Mbau is the one who is sick.

The two might have openly disclosed the sickness they were talking about but with Mandla Mtembu being involved in the equation what might sickness.

Wait it is quite obvious that the two were talking about HIV and Zodwa even pulled a shocker when she indicated that she got tested to prove a point. Zodwa even went on to encourage Mbau to eat ARV’s rather than drinking them.

Recently controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu recently did the unthinkable when she allowed every man to touch her booty during a show. Yes, she pulled a shocker and Mzansi was puzzled if not left in stitches.

Zodwa has yet given Mzansi something to talk about. She shared a video of herself being lifted by fans whilst they were fondling and kissing her at the show.