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VIDEO: Former President Jacob Zuma Tiktok Moves Breaks The Internet

For some reason, this became a mystery for a lot of people, there is this need for people to keep up with the former president Jacob Zuma.

We have seen how interesting things can be when it comes to the former president, one thing that will probably always happen is that people will always talk about him.

People were talking about Zuma when he was still president, he is no longer president and there are these kinds of reactions when he does something.

However, this is not the first time where Zuma is seen having himself some fun, he has always been about that life and this time around, he was seen having some fun with his supposed grandchildren.

But, there is someone else who was there, that is the woman who had some people asking some questions, well, one question in particular, they wanted to know who she was.

As you might know, Zuma is a polygamist, it is not clear how many wives he still has, some say four, others say it could be five wives. So, as a man who believes in polygamy and has all these wives, would it be a surprise if he would want to take another one?

Probably not, after seeing the video, some people assumed that the woman who was with Zuma is his wife, the person asked, which wife is this one now?

It is kind of understandable why the person would ask that question because you really cannot tell when it comes to Zuma’s wives, especially if you do not know them that well.

So, he asked that and someone replied and said “sister” and it could be that the person who replied is familiar with the Zuma family. Maybe some people can clarify this, it could be that the woman seen in the video is Zuma’s sister.

One might say that it is unlikely that Zuma would take another wife at his age. As much as he is seen having some fun time with the family, he still has a lot that he is facing.