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VIDEO: Girl impersonating well known Sangoma Gogo Maweni and scamming people online busted

A girl impersonating an online Sangoma has been busted. To make matters worse the lady had been scamming people and getting their money. A video of the original Sangoma Gogo Maweni questioning the impersonator has gone viral on social media.

In the video the real Sangoma asks the lady why she has been doing that and stealing money from people. Blanketed by shame and fear the lady only gives them her phone with the actual proof of her crimes. Many are shocked by the extent people are going just make money.

Gogo Maweni is a well known Sangoma with a PhD and is on the show Izangoma Zodumo. Knowing Gogo Maweni has many followers the lady creates an online account claiming to be the popular Sangoma. She would then ask clients to send her money so that she helps them with their problems.

Unfortunately one cannot hide their sins forever, some of the Sangoma’s clients started to complain because their requests were not being delivered. Gogo Maweni and her crew then tracked the scammer and busted the lady.

The public as always is two sided. Others are blaming poverty and unemployment. On the other hand, others feel the scammed should learn and not expect miracles from people but to work for themselves. The bright side of the story is old people have adapted well to technology and are actually adhering to social distancing hence consulting Sangomas online.

Hera are the views of different members of the public concerning this story:

“Not to sound rude or anything but how do we know that even the lady who claims that her name is being isn’t a scammer herself.”

“This is so embarrassing seeing young black flocking to exploit ubungumoma on these social media platforms exposing indegionous African gift claiming to be healers rhaaa sies asizithandi Sizwe esimnyama other nations don’t do these sick nonsense no wonder poverty never leave us.”

“People never learn they’re so desperate to have perfect lives, constantly seeking miracles in every situation nxa they deserve to be scammed.”

“What are old people doing consulting with sangomas on Facebook?”