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VIDEO: Gogo Skhotheni Revealed How To Protect Yourself And Your Yard

When you go for consultation you will be charged for this. Gogo Skhotheni decided to help people across the country free of charge. Lot of Sangomas will charge you for doing this to protect you. It is very much important as an African to protect yourself and your home. We are living in a world where people just want to see others suffer.

You find yourself at night not able to sleep because you could hear some sounds outside. We are living in a days where people will want to see you in one place. Sometimes they want your family to fight. They want your marriage to end. Hence it is important to consult and make sure you do everything possible for your things to work out.

A home should be protected ,this includes your job and your marriage. Gogo Skhotheni showed a video on YouTube where you should get a box of matching sticks, paraffing, pack of grof salts , packs of Peri Peri. Then after that you get a bucket or bowl. You take the matching sticks and tear the apart and put them inside the bucket all of them. Then you put all the Peri Peri. If your yard is big then you need at least 10 packets of Peri Peri. You pour salt and the paraffins. You mix them together and sprinkles outside your house ,the whole yard including on top of roofing. The bigger the yard the more the mixture you make. This is only done at night. It is for those who are still at home or having their own place, Not renting.