Home News VIDEO: Gosiame Finally Breaks Silence About Decuplets

VIDEO: Gosiame Finally Breaks Silence About Decuplets

Sithole says the Tsotetsis are the reason why she avoided them since she went to hospital last week.

Sithole says while she was in touch with Tsotetsi today, he never told her about the statement except that he was scheduled to a minister. When she confronted her husband, he said he claimed he had nothing to do with it.

Gosiamo Sithole says the Tsotetsis are bitter because they wanted to use her to make money. She says they are being used by politicians. Sithole says she will not be pressured by the Tsotetsi family to disclose the whereabouts of her babies, because they never liked her anyway.

Gosiamo Sithole responds to the Tsotetsi family statement. She denies she’s missing, and that did not deliver the babies. She says the was released after the Tsotetsis met some politicians. Says they are angry because they wanted to benefit financially from the public donations.

But the same Tsotetsi family released a statement last week confirming the existence of the decuplets, & saying they were okay. Today, they say no babies existed. Which is which? The two statements can’t all be true. What happened to Gosiame’s pregnancy? Are they disputing it?