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VIDEO: Hijacker Shot Dead While Trying To Steal A Car At The Robots

Members of the public are somewhat rejoicing about this incident that befell this perpetrator of crime – it is believed that he was shot on the job while he was trying to hijack a Bakkie in the middle of the road, it was a busy morning where the perpetrator of crime allegedly approached along with accomplices to hijack this vehicle.

Little did they know that the owner of the car was armed and ready for anything that might come across him and that is why it ended in such an incident, he was shot and killed on a random day and left to lie on a dirty road that reeks of urine.

Such an incident couldn’t be more commendable because people are tired of the crime that is happening in the country, the police are not doing much to stop so whenever a suspect is shot dead most people have a sigh of relief because they understand that the suspect will not be terrorizing anymore members of the public.

Which is all well because we cannot have a society where people are living in fear of the criminals, when it should be the criminals who fear the police and the ordinary members of the public.

We are seeing more and more incidences where the law or justice is being served and we see this when the suspects are either shot by ordinary people or the police themselves, this is something that has been happening for quite some time now so we’re just glad that criminals are not winning all the time.

We also have incidences where ordinary members are seeing justice being served, and honestly we couldn’t ask for any anything else we are very much satisfied with the way law enforcers of the country are choosing to deal with criminals.

But of course the police are always encouraging members of the public to refrain from any acts of violence including mob justice because more often than not the perpetrators of crimes are killed, and someone has to answer for that.

It t is unfortunate that we still have people who think that they can make a living from stealing other people’s valuables, so when such a thing happens some people sympathize with the criminals when we all know that the criminals are always wrong for thinking that they can take from members of the public.