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VIDEO: Kabza De Small is p**sed that someone called his durag a doek

Public service announcement: Kabza De Small is not about to let anyone call his durag a doek.

The muso was engaging with fans on his Instagram Stories this week when a follower decided to make fun of the Scorpion King’s head wrap, calling it a doek.

Not taking the insult lightly, the Piano King called the fan to order for not recognising a durag when he saw one.

“It’s a durag stupid … a se douku, it’s a durag,” as he pointed at the item on his head. “Busy calling our durags doeks, it’s a durag not a doek.”

He then threw his partner in the music scene, Maphorisa, under the bus, saying that Maphorisa was the one who wore a doek and not him.

“Doek e apara ke Maphorisa. Mxm. Come here with your pity chats. Mxm.”

Kabza’s response to the fan left social media users in stitches, with many laughing at just how deep Kabza was in his feels.

Here are some of the reactions:




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