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Kay Sibiya and his lady get real intimate

Sorry ladies, we know how heart-broken some of you may be but yes, Kay is off the market.

Remember when we speculated that Kay was in a relationship when a picture of him and a gorgeous lady we’ve never seen before was circulating on the internet?

Well, the lady has a name, Nala, and she is the only woman Kay has eyes for.

The pair recently uploaded these cute pictures of themselves as though telling the world that ”Yes, we’re together and madly in love.”

This does sound cheesy, but love really does live between Nala and Kay. We’d also like to buy such a relationship; does anyone know where this kind of relationship is sold?

The two really look cute together, Kay doesn’t usually comment or post anything about his relationships so we’re guessing that Nala is the real deal for him.

Some people think Nala kind of resembles Amanda du Pont, hmm, do you see it?

Source: ZAlebs