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Lady Zamar ‘Wedding’ Breaks The Internet

Congratulations are in order for King Zamar!

Lady Zamar’s recent Instagram posts have many chanting ‘if moving on was a person.’

The Monarch singer shared snaps on Instagram clothed in all white and ready to tie the knot. Zamar is seen looking like a dashing bride besides her ‘husband’ whom she says is her ‘heart ruler.’


This came as a shock to fans, with some ruling out the possibility of it being a wedding; hellbent on that fact that she is shooting a music video.
Fans pointed out a number of things that suggest it is not a ‘real wedding’ and that she is probably filming visuals for her next music video. Things such as the absence of the wedding rings and no elders insight were some of the arguments. Also, not a single celeb in sight or at least tweets from our them.

However, Lady Zamar shared pictures on her Instagram story of their gorgeous wedding rings and congratulatory posts from fans, slowly making many believe that it is a legit wedding.

Perhaps for many, what is most shocking is just last month Zamar aired her ex Sjava’s dirty laundry and gained massive support from many, whilst others bashed her for being a bitter ex. Now, King Zamar ‘ties the knot’ and is hailed as the queen of moving on.

Despite the scepticism that lurks around social media, it is quiet evident how Zamar is beaming with joy as she enjoys her ‘newly wed’ status.

In another post she wrote; “Thank you to everyone who made today extra special. It’s been a long time coming and I am beyond grateful for all the love from everybody.”

Congratulations to Lady Zamar on her new music video. It was mentioned on Metro FM that she will be shooting it.

– ZAlebs