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VIDEO: Lasizwe’s latest skit – “Different Students Getting Their Test Results” its hilarious




Lasizwe Dambuza took his fans down memory lane together with his latest skit, “Different Students Getting Their Test Results”.

In the video, he portrays a frustrated school teacher, who lashes bent her students for not doing well during a test. As soon as she walks within the class, she starts yelling: “This class is failing with flying colors .” The furious teacher adds: “I’m disappointed altogether of you.”

This is followed by Michelle, a student wailing because she got 95% rather than 99%. Then there’s Karabo, who is celebrating his 40% pass mark, and therefore the teacher seems very upset about things at hand especially with a majority of scholars failing in her class.

She continued to precise her frustration and said, “So whether you pass or fail I still get my salary with a bonus, so continue being a category of failing with flying class. I’m getting to sleep peacefully knowing that you simply all failed.”

Many fans found the skit funny and stated that Lasizwe reminded them of their school days, leading to the star topping the local Twitter trends lists.


On the flip side, the 21-year-old YouTuber received flak for his social media post on Wednesday, where he told fans that he’s cleaning his shoe closet and he’s giving his old shoes away.

Posting a pile of shoes including boots, sneakers, and slippers, he wrote: “Starting my shoe collection everywhere again by making a gift of a number of my shoes to my domestic worker and therefore the rest to people who need a pair.”

While many commended the youngster for his act of kindness, many criticized him for referring to his helper as a “domestic worker”.



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