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VIDEO: MacG and wife welcome baby number 2

MacG has managed to unravel and leak celebrity secrets that have sparked worldwide debates. His illustrious career, which spans decades, has been marred with controversies, but MacG has remained relevant through the test of time with his Podcast and Chill with MacG.

Well-known for digging people’s private lives, MacG has managed to keep his own under wraps. Yes, the bubbly celebrated podcaster keeps his personal life under wraps to the extent that little is known about his off-screen life. Despite all being said, he has been threatened by cancellation, but he has managed to remain relevant.

The last time he let Mzansi sneak into his private life was when he revealed his family. It comes as a shocker that he is married. MacG is married to celebrated YouTuber and PR guru Naledi Monamodi. The two have a son together. MacG let the cat out of the bag during his controversial interview with Jub Jub.

In the backdrop of that revelation, his wife has just given birth to their second child. The two managed to keep the pregnancy under wraps only to pull a surprise for Mzansi today. Naledi shared a series of pictures and videos of her pregnancy journey.

However, the videos and pictures have gone viral in the mix of things. Mzansi has weighed into the conversation with congratulatory messages to the two. In the background of the good news, we have managed to dive into Naledi Monamodi private life.

She is a celebrated YouTuber with a huger of over half a million subscribers on her channel Toast With Naledi. The bubbly personality vlogs about her beauty, travel and reality TV.

Naledi and MacG have been together for years and have stayed together for quite a long time. The two share a son by the name of Ziggy.