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VIDEO: Makhadzi Speaks On Why She Pushed Her Back Up Dancer

Makhadzi has faced a lot of backlash for that video where she pushed her back up dancer on stage at a gig in the North West, Moonlight Tavern this past weekend. She has told her side of the story and it is completely different from what is seen on the video.

Reacting to the uproar the clip caused on social media, Makhadzi said it was not her intention to push the dancer and cause her to fall. She explained that they had just gotten to the stage and did not want to perform on a wet stage as it could get slippery.

She said at that moment they were performing Ma Yellow Bone and there is a part where they say cheers to life so they used water to represent champagne.

“We were performing my Ma Yellow Bone song and you know the part where we were saying cheers to life, you know bring the champopo you must see that we are vibing because the song is vibing as well.

“That song was song number 2 on my set, and I saw that she wanted to pour water on the stage. So I saw that if you pour water on stage, we won’t be able to perform. So I was trying to push (pull) her to come closer to me so that we can pour the water off stage because we still have 30 more minutes to perform.”

Makhadzi then said she felt compelled to apologise to not only the lady but also to the people who felt offended by the video.

“So I’m sorry to those who felt otherwise about that video. And I am sorry to the lady as well but she is fine. It’s just that when I see something like that trend I have to address it. It was not intentional.”

She then reminded people that she will be performing in Botswana later this month as well as in Swaziland.

Makhadzi is trying to be kind as much as possible as she urged her supporters to be kind to celebrities. She took to her social media to encourage fans to not judge people who commit suicide, this after Riky’s death.

“At this stage of life I will never judge anyone or any celebrity who takes their own life. We don’t have people to talk to, because most of the people who are our closest friends are the ones who mostly betray us. Instead of helping us they go around bragging about our situation to prove that they know us better.”

“When it comes to our fans, there are those who want likes and shares by insulting and humiliating us for a situation we cannot change. I wish our fans know we are human beings like any other person. We feel pain like anyone else, especially when you find out that millions of people are making fun about a situation you cannot change. How do you survive that if you are not strong?” the singer asked. – ZAlebs