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VIDEO: Malume Savanna strikes again

The 47 year old man known as Dana Khanyile who dances with a bottle of Savanna cider on his head has done it again. The man seems to be rising to fame and this time Mzansi reacts to his video. Bab Khanyile, now has a group of women he is making his videos with.

Some people feel he is marketing the Savanna Ciders and deserves something from the company. Khanyile’s fans envy how much he enjoys his life like there is no tomorrow. Others feel it is a silly move and the man is just after popularity. These ones go to the extent of mentioning how irresponsible he is by doing that.

Taking to Twitter, people are commenting saying,

“So people must be rewarded for doing stupid things?”

“Male version ya Zodwa wa bantu. The only difference is that he wears his clothes.”

“Shouldn’t they be spending time with their kids? This is embarrassing to say the least.”

“SavannaCider doesn’t seem to be too impressed with the free marketing that they’re getting with this. Seems they see it as irresponsible drinking.”

“And that’s exactly what it is, irresponsible. If a parent is failing to teach responsibility do you think these streets will? Such behaviours resulted in alcohol ban previously and Savanna Cider or any other alcohol brand doesn’t need that type of marketing during this pandemic.”

“He can also appeal to older market very well actually It’s just brands what these stupid and arrogant influencers all the time Which is a limited thinking. You don’t need influencers for digital marketing. You just need relevant people.”