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Man caught in the act with a Magosha

NEGOTIATIONS seem to be a little uncomfortable and take some time. But when the talking is over there’s a green light all the way.


THE big water pipes have been lying in the veld for some time waiting to be installed – but in the meantime, they seem to be a handy round room with a bed and a roof and is ideal for other activities – and magoshas are using the pipes to do business!

The pipes in Caleb Motshabi kasi, Mangaung seem a perfect place to hide from passing cars and pedestrians.

The SunTeam was originally on a mission to investigate a lack of service delivery in the kasi relating to the abandoned pipes, when they spotted the couple.

The man and woman seemed to be negotiating. The man had a loaf of bread and a bottle of Coke in his hand.

The woman held a towel.

Then suddenly they disappeared into the pipe.

The SunTeam, sensing a good story, slowly went nearer and, yes, the two were there poking.

The woman confirmed that she was a magosha.

“This is a nice private place for us to use for our business,” she said.

Residents are not happy with the activities in the pipe.

They fear it might affect the water they will eventually drink from the pipes.

Resident Nthabiseng Motlatsi (42) said: “What if the sperm and used condoms are left in the pipe? We will drink dirty water. This is disgusting.”

The magosha said residents don’t have to worry.

“I make sure the place is clean after each poke,” she said.

A construction worker said they have seen what’s happening but couldn’t comment.

Provincial police spokeswoman Colonel Thandi Mbambo said: “If people are caught having sx in public, they will be charged with indecent exposure.”

Source: Daily Sun