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VIDEO: Mzansi debates after Gogo ‘Mayweather’ disciplines her niece for coming home late

Beating children as form of discipline has always been debated all over the world. Many Western countries are against it and according to them it is ab_se. However, in Africa it is not the same. Many people in Africa are used to receiving a beating when they cross their parents’ paths.

A video of a gogo disciplining her niece is trending on social media. In the video the gogo keeps repeating the statement that her niece went out in the morning and comes home late and that’s being disrespectful. The only problem is people cannot really see what the gogo uses to heat her niece with. Some say it’s a brick but others think she would not go that far.

Reacting to the video people are debating if what the gogo did is right or not. Some believe Africans need to heat their children to make sure they are well behaved. Many African parents would obviously agree with this. On the other hand others think it is ab_se and it should not be allowed. Here are the various opinions from Mzansi:

“This is how we grew up with parents who took no nonsense from us as their kids. Don’t make seem as ab_se. This corrections of a teenagers errors”

“My dad never lifted a hand on us. He talked with us, taught us right from wrong. We adored him and always behaved well , because of his love and respect we didn’t want to disappoint him. If he would have beaten us we surely do lots of nonsense.”

“This why parents send their kids to their grandparents, these Mayweathers know how it’s done”

“I know such discipline looks abusive, but in some cases it works. It’s one of the ways the old generation gets the message through I hope 1day this young lady can look back n appreciate Gogos teachings when she makes it in life n has escaped teen-pregnancy/drugs n other problems”

“This is nothing compared to how my parents used to beat me up”

“There’s nothing wrong in here mother disciplining her child lets all stay out of it.”

“This is never acceptable. As a child, my mother beat me so much that I started hating her. She will tear clothes off my body &drag me on the ground publicly. Once I turned 13, I told her these “beatings stop today because I am a man now. Never forgave her till she passed away.”

“Proof that you must make sure your parents are sound asleep when you are watching WWE or Rocky. Otherwise they’ll practice their signature moves on your children”

“I do support this in some way.. Coz these kids once they start being rebellious.. Its hard now if she gets pregnant its her grandma’s responsibility to look after the baby and her… instead of being a rebel she should just focus on her school work. Life is hard phandle lana”

“I’m lowkey waiting for the people who are condemning this woman for disciplining her child like this to educate us on “Other effective ways to discipline a child”.

“She could use belt or shoes, not matsoga. It’s looks like she’s fighting her not discipline”

“Discipline was alway implemented in the old day’s”

“Mayweather better watch out he might get a new challenger soon”

– Savannanews