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VIDEO: Nthuba High school bullying video leaves Mzansi angry!!!

A video clip is circulating on social media displaying sensitive and heartbreaking actions of bullying of pupils from Nthuba High School in Bavaria, Ga-Mothapo in Limpopo. In the video a female pupil is harassing and beating another female pupil.

The victim tries to walk away from the incident but the bully shoves a branch of thorns onto the victim’s face whilst calling out hurtful and disheartening insults. The thorny bush pulls the girl’s hair and gets stuck on her face.

One male pupil snatches the thorny branch from the bully after finding out that the victim is suffering and has no one to assist her. In pain the girl being bullied starts crying but the bully advances and starts beating her with fists in the face.

The male pupil again tries to stop the bully from hitting the other girl. As of yet the motive behind the bullying is unknown. Last year the Department of Education in KwaZulu-Natal suspended two Mathole High School pupils after a video of them attacking another pupil went viral.

Bullying is a very bad habit which affects the victims mentally and could damage one’s life forever. The anti-bullying policy in South Africa tries to ensure that pupils learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied.

However, pupils seem not to be aware of the consequences of bullying and continue doing the terrible act. The anti-bullying act indeed protects children but schools in South Africa need to adopt policies in their respective institutions to try and minimise bullying.

It seems the acts and policies do not fully state consequences for the offenders. If these are clear and the police intervenes then surely cases of bullying will decrease