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VIDEO: Woman Receives Backlash For Posting An Explicit Video Of Herself Being Fingered By A Man

We truly believe that the more time we spend on our phones is truly the more we move further and further away from reality, we spend so much time on our phones so much that we are now failing to see what’s right and what isn’t.

A woman with the handle “@NguSiya” on twitter posted a video of herself in a car with her boyfriend’s arms inside her jeans.

See what Tweeps had to say:

Although we think or believe that we live in a sexually liberated society, we still do believe that there should be limits to what is being shared on the internet.

The internet that we are using, is the same one that is also being used by 16 year olds and even though a stranger on the internet should not necessarily be concerned about your 16 year old child who is also on the internet, we do also believe that explicit content should not be condoned.

We are not the only ones who are of this opinion as more people on twitter attacked her and questioned her decision to take this video and further post it.

The author quickly deleted the video, however, the damage had already been done. Upon her realization that people are now attacking her, she posted another tweet explaining the video and basically stating that the video was not sexual at all.

Do you think that certain content should be banned in order to protect the interests of other people?