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Video Of Old Mzansi Actor Caught Grooving With Teenage Girls Sh0cks Many People

There are a lot of old people who never experienced fun when they were still young like going out with their peers. Some women were not allowed to dress in skimpy clothes but when they get old, they end up not dressing appropriately and prefer clothes that should be worn by younger girls.

The same applies to going out, these kind of people choose to drink with teenagers and would never go to places where there are adults.

Mzansi was left stunned today after the video of 76-year-old Boikie Phelo who played the role of Raithlwana in Lesilo Rula went viral. In the video, Boikie is seen surrounded by very young girls at a party, posing for a video while singing to ‘lomshini Uyakhuluma Woza Africa- i-stokvel’.

On social media, a lot of people say that it could be a video clip for an upcoming drama series but others say that the girls in the 50’s did not wear skimpy clothes. Some say that there is no evidence that he bought young girls alcohol.

Some say the girls could have found him at the party and asked if they could take a video or picture with him. It could be an innocent video and that he was not really partying with young girls. Or, they could be family. Whatever the case, he deserves to have innocent fun.