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LATEST: Pokello Nare video causes stir

Drama, Drama and more drama for Pokello all month long.

A few days ago, the Zimbabwean socialite came under scrutiny after she claimed that she was the finest woman in Zimbabwe on social media. Pokello posted a truly stunning picture of herself in a red long dress and a black jacket with the caption, “They say, this is the finest woman in Zimbabwe, well I’m too tired to argue today.”

And just like that, #Twimbos went hard on her within no time with a lot of negative responses with most people suggesting that she bleached for her to have that complexion [She is very light skinned by the way] and some were on the fact that she doesn’t know other women in and around the country. Well, she clapped back and posted a picture of her in Primary School and guess what? She was light-skinned back then unless she started bleaching as an infant.

However, this ain’t the story of the day because something worse than just what she claimed happened. I woke up to a video that seemed to have been on Pokello’s Instagram story showing someone doing some really, “P0rn0graphic Stuff” to themselves. The video seems to have been quickly taken down from her Instagram that is if it was really her Instagram that posted it.

The posted Video had her Instagram name on it as it was a story but did not show any face.