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VIDEO: People Say Malema Was Right After White Man Did This To A Traffic Officer

It seems like this is not one of those stories where people react differently, maybe there might have been a few people who thought that the white man was not in the wrong.

But the majority of people condemned what the white man did and it is understandable why that was the case. What is even more surprising is that the white man was the one who was in the wrong and yet he recorded everything that happened.

One might say that he implicated himself, what happened in the video is that the traffic cop asks for the man’s licence. At the start of the video, the man implied that the traffic officer had said that he was going to slap him, however the traffic officer kept asking for a driver’s licence.

One might say that the officer might have said that, but we do not know, another thing that we do not know is what the man said to the officer before he started recording.

What was noticed from the onset is the man’s attitude towards the traffic officer, he was just disrespectful, there are times when traffic officers do certain things that are not supposed to be done and people call them out on that.

That is also what would have been done in this situation if the traffic officer had done something wrong. However, what was seen in the video is a traffic officer who was just doing what he was meant to do, he asked for a driver’s licence.

The traffic officer also told the man to put on his mask as he should, the man’s response was that he will not be told what to do. Now, this is not about being white or black, it is about what is wrong, if a black man did what the white man did, the reactions would still be the same.

One person mentioned that Malema was right and mentioned that the movement needs to be strong, it is not clear what he or she was referring to, but that might have had something to do with the incident.

This is not supposed to be a race issue, people should not think that this was pointed out because there is an agenda.


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