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VIDEO: Police officer hilariously misses his aim after banging on a pole

A video of a police officer hilariously missing his aim after banging on a pole is trending on the internet. During this chaos the police have been working hard in trying to reduce the damages being caused all over South Africa. Knowing SAPS they make sure to give the people something to talk about and this time Mzansi concludes the officer in the video failed his training.

Many are questioning how he even graduated from the academy. In the video the police officer tries to scare the crowd from doing anything but it backfires the moment he tries to shoot at them. The chaos surrounding Mzansi is not pleasing and it is a time that requires serious attention.

Week in week out more police officer prove the public right by doing things that make members of the public doubt their competence. Despite the video being very funny, the current situation is not funny at all. The various incidents of looting, killing and racial abuse leave everyone asking where the police are.

Instead of SAPS taking control, people from neighborhoods’ have mobilized themselves in an attempt to protect themselves. Whenever people take the law into their own hands, things do not end well. As a result we have had terrible news about the Phoenix massacre. This has left many in fear after rumors of a civil war have been circulating on social media.

To show that the public needs the protection from relevant authorities, an Indian man who shot at black people in a video that went viral was gunned down after a fellow Indian man confused him with a black man. Despite how racial the story sounds, it happened and it is wrong in so many ways.

Like it is not enough a police officer in full uniform was caught looting and his car was packed to the top with stolen goods. This is out of hand and the people we expect to protect us use power to their advantage.

– Savannanews