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VIDEO: Police Officers turn a deaf ear and assault woman who wants to open a case after being robbed

Another video showing Police brutality and incompetence is making rounds on social media. In this specific video a woman is reporting her case to the police but instead of being listened to the officers turn a deaf ear and assault her with her friends.

This is another terrible look for the authorities. Lately videos of police officers being on the wrong side have been circulating and seem to be increasing. What shocks the public is that one of the cops actually reaches for pepper spray and uses it against the women.

Taking to social media the victims narrate their story and explain what had happened following their ejection from the police station.

“My friends and I got car jacked at gunpoint, they took the car and our wallets. We are here at motherwell police station. They beat us up and sprayed us with pepper spray. We are traumatized and scared but they cursed us and physically assaulted us. We just got kicked out apha police station,” she posts

The public is not pleased with the way the officers handle this matter and assault these women. Most believe the police should handle people well and with respect. After being robbed one is unsettled and needs to be assisted not to be harassed. Here are some of the comments from the unsatisfied public:

“Who should they run to? Hai bafo these are women for crying out loud. These guys should have tried to call the situation what kind of policing administration is this?”

“Imagine being Robbed then being kicked out the only place that can keep you calm and safe, would they have immediately received them well had they came in naked?”

“This is the people that’s suppose to protect us”

“When you are traumatized this is not the treatment you need. No-one will act normally after the criminality against you, now you go to a place of safety and get this? No man, surely the police should have better people skills than what’s displayed here.”