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VIDEO: Presenter and radio DJ Pabi Moloi reveals fear of needles as she gets vaccinated

Presenter and radio DJ Pabi Moloi has opened up about receiving the Covid-19 jab, divulging to fans that she has trypanophobia or a fear of needles.

After vaccinations opened up for people 35 years old and older, Mzansi has seen an increase in daily vaccine administrations with more of the nation opening up to the idea of receiving a vaccine.

SA celebs also rushed to their nearest vaccine site to receive the jab against the coronavirus. Pabi recently hopped on board to immunise herself against the virus.

Though in an Instagram the star encouraged others to get vaccinated, she revealed that she actually has a fear of needles and didn’t have a pleasant time.

“So … here’s the thing about me and needles. It’s a no from me. So obviously I winced and nyakazad’ as the needle went in,” she wrote.

After receiving it, the star said that her arm was sore but she also felt a tingly sensation. All in all, the star said she felt fine after a nap and encouraged others to follow suit in the fight against the coronavirus.

“So far post-vaccination, my arm is a bit sore at the site and it feels a little like pins and needles in my fingers. I had a little nap earlier and now I feel perfectly fine. If you’re eligible, please get vaccinated,” said Pabi.