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VIDEO: President Ramaphosa given 48 hours ultimatum to release Jacob Zuma

Since the former president Jacob Zuma was arrested there has been unrest in South Africa. People have turned to violence demanding the release of Zuma. Now a video by people demanding for the release of Jacob Zuma is circulating on social media. In the video, President Ramaphosa is told to discharge Zuma from prison or else there will be war in Mzansi.

Damage caused by people in South Africa as of later is awful. The public has decided to resort to violence and they promise not to stop unless something is done about the Zuma case. Some people do not believe the video and think it is all a joke. On the other hand, majority of people is scared.

The violence and looting is bad worse during a pandemic. Many believe Duduzane Zuma made the video but still fear the message might be true. With the number of weapons in owned by people in South Africa, this video has caused some unrest and the public weighs in on the matter. Here are the reactions from the frightened public:

“Awa why destroy state owned enterprises?”

“For some reason why this feels like a clue of something. Scary times”

“Considering how people Own Rifles and Ak47 weapons, it makes it hard to not believe this.”

“This is scaring really because Zuma is supported by MK n they used to bomb state properties so I don’t take this lately those people was trained for mass destruction.”

“What if these people are really not bluffing and have weapons of mass destruction”

Yazi somethings we will take them very lightly kanti only to find out they’re serious…”

“This is actually not funny. Our country is in crisis and keeps sharing inflammatory pictures and video”

“Anyone else get Goosebumps watching that?”