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VIDEO: Reality TV star Zodwa Wabantu is ready to settle down.

The media personality has revealed she wants a man. She shared the news on social media and posted a video, the dancer and entertainer can be seen showing off a ring she bought for herself valued at R 80,000, hunting that the man doesn’t need to buy a ring at all. ”Here’s a ring that I bought myself. i’ m just looking for man, just one who I will break a record with that at least in my life, I ate my you and had money boyfriends, but at the end at least I got married,” she said

She also revealed she’s ready to go to home affairs anytime to sign on the dotted line as she tired of living carelessly

She said she coves as a full package with three houses they can live in and all the man needs to do is bring himself.

This also come as shock to many social media and users who printed 04 Zodwa are had previously revealed she has been dating an older man since March, She was told there’s someone in her life, so why is she asking to which she replied: They are all around but we are just having s,ex.

In a recent Video, a fan tried to finger Zodwa a video previously showed a fan licking Zodwa’s private parts. speaking about her relationship, Zodwa said her partner is older and mature.

”He’ s not the jealous type he understand the work I do and he respects it,” she said.

”we never mix business with pleasure. Things happen to me while I’m working and it doesn’t affect my relationship.

Although it come as shock, some supported the societies decision and some even offered themselves.