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VIDEO: Sbahle Mpisane serves body goals in bikini

Fitness guru Sbahle Mpisane has been recovering from a horrific car accident that left her in hospital for months.

She has been keeping her social media followers updated about her progress and how she is healing and judging by her latest post, it’s safe to say that the star is making a full recovery.

Having been accused of faking her amnesia and being accused of being a murder after an unknown passenger in the car she was driving when the accident occurred died.

However, she cleared her name, saying only God knows her truth and that she would no longer entertain haters.

In May when the accusations surfaced that she was faking her amnesia and that she was a murderer, she took to her instagram to tell her side of the story.

“With sadness I have watched, especially today, how I am vilified, brandished a ‘murderer’ of an unknown passenger in my car and faking my amnesia. At first your words stung, but I felt no pain as my truth is known by God, the legal system and those that were the first responders to an accident scene I STILL have NO recollection of,” she wrote.

She further wrote:”What the naysayers & doom spreaders don’t realize is my daily struggle of regaining control of my life. Waking up from a three-week coma asking my mom Shauwn, if she had informed Michelle (my high school receptionist) that I wasn’t going to come to school. I woke up from my coma thinking I had fell down the school stairs,” she continued”.