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VIDEO: Shameless Mr Smeg cusses on live broadcast

Michael Bucwa also known Mr Smeg has been trending for some time now on social media. This time the man trends for cussing on live broadcast. No one is sure is it was intentional or he was unaware of it at the moment he says it.

In the video, Mr Smeg is being interviewed when he says the cuss but carries on without being bothered by it. A lot of people on social media are shocked Mr Smeg could say that on TV. Some think it is his usual publicity stunt just to get him popular and trending.

There a lot of mixed reactions from the public. Most think it is hilarious and enjoying the video. However, others think he wants the attention but are still not believing he could say that on TV. Here are some of their comments and reactions:

“Ok so this guy can have a normal conversation?”

“I didn’t know you had it in you, as for the confidence of calling it as it is”

“Tell me you are a South African without telling me you are a South African”

“And it’s only Tuesday. I want June to end”

Mr Smeg has fans and goes well with many people but seems to have crossed Lasizwe’s path after their much anticipated lunch. Lasizwe was not impressed with the ‘Shoulder to cry on’ trend by Bucwa. After their date, Mr Smeg came out saying he likes both males and females. This must have turned off Lasizwe. Lasizwe has publicly said he does not like him.

Since then Mr Smeg has a take a lot of men and women out on dates. His fans are not really sure what’s his motive are but a lot seem to like his style.