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VIDEO: Short and angry man beaten in Capitec bank after demanding his money

Eventually some other people tend to think they can do whatever they please anywhere. Just like this man, he got to the Capetic branch and demanded to see the manager. Instead if waiting or talking to the staff at the bank, he started to kick everything screaming “call the manager”.

The man was complaining about the Capetic service and how he loses his money due to bank charges.

Apparently the man got to the bank and wanted to know about his monthly bank charges. But the problem he caused scenewnd that got other Capetic clients annoyed and dealt with him.In the video,the other client saw the man kicking chairs and tables, “he baba he baba” and he was grabbed by the neck.In few seconds he was brought down on the floor ans that’s when he seemed to start acting cool.

The video is trending all over social and has been turned into fun that the man was brought down to earth in few minutes.

The angry man was just screaming and wanted the Capetic manager but he did not even see the manager.He forcefully taken out of the bank by other Capitec clients as they were annoyed by the behaviour of the man.Surely he regrets kicking chairs and causing havoc at Capetic bank as it did not end well for him.