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Video that best describe what happened to chiefs and pirates yesterday!!

It turns out that Orlando Pirates was not only beaten in the field, the match brought a lot of joy to Chiefs fans, the mood has been something else. The match ended an hour or so ago and it seems like the streets belong to Chiefs fans and one thing you should know about them is that they go all out.

A win for them is something very big, as some people are celebrating, it seems like there are those who were involved in a fight.

In a video, we see a fight between two middle-aged men, it is not clear what started the fight, but it did not end well for the man who was wearing a Pirates T-shirt. It is very likely that he is a fan and then there is this other man who was just eager in getting a knock-out.

It is not clear if he is a Chiefs fan, but he probably is, you know how people argue about football sometimes and this happens between two or more people who support different teams.

The two men probably had a disagreement, regarding something that had to do with the game and unfortunately, it turned physical.

As you might have already seen in the video, it is clear who is being beaten, the man in the Pirates T-shirt was pinned to the ground and was getting some punches to the face. Now, one thing you might have noticed from the start, is that the two men are drunk.

So, basically the fight was short, there were a couple of punches there and there, the supposed Pirates fan did not really do much in the fight, he was just taking the punches.

He was just out of it and this probably gets one wondering what he did or said to get a beating like that. It is not clear when the fight started, but the video is less than 30 seconds and it did not take too long for the supposed Pirates fan to get knocked out.

He was lying there on the ground and probably could not believe that he was beaten the way he was beaten.