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VIDEO: This Is What Zuma Supporters Did At A Mercedes Benz Dealership

The video footage shows an incident where Jacob Zuma protesters are seen destroying and allegedly looting in a Mercedes-Benz dealership, this is something that is a bit odd and uncalled for because they said that they are in support of Jacob Zuma and want him to be released from police custody.

However the things that they are doing are counter-intuitive and will end up not even having Zuma released from police custody, right now the government has responded by dispatching the South African National Defence Force in order to deal with these looters who have done nothing but cause havoc in the country.

There are incidences where we see a lot of Zuma supporters rampaging and going on about the way doing as they please, which is something that is not allowed and members of the public are just left to be victimized by these alleged looters or supporters of Jacob Zuma who have done everything in their power to cause destruction.

It is believed that some of the looters were apprehended by law enforcers and they’ll be charged what criminal offences before being released into the public, this should be enough to deter some looters from carrying on with their ways but that is not the case.

It is believed that some of them are going around with criminal records in the name of Jacob Zuma, which is very detrimental to one’s future and career.

Law enforcements are urging members of the public who might have information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects, who were involved in these criminal activities to come forward and give that information so that they can be brought to Justice.