Home News VIDEO: Two Blacks Men Whips Two White Farmers Over unpaid salary

VIDEO: Two Blacks Men Whips Two White Farmers Over unpaid salary

South Africa has a long way to go to become a place of peace between all races. A video has emerged on the internet where two races are fighting each other. Two black man are seen in this video shipping two whites. Everyone was left wondering as to what led to this evil ad unruly behaviour, these men.

According to what is witnessed on this video, we surely know that something is strange about how this beating is happening. The two black men are whipping the whites, and they are not fighting back at them. This is weird as we can say, everybody knows that farmers always have their weapons handy and have them in their cars, but this time around they are not considering returning the favour.

Recently we have seen such videos on social media and most people are still wondering on what led to these situations. We can’t say that violence is the solution, it would have been better if these men used a more civilized way to solve their grievances rather than taking matters in our own hands.

Some workers would resort to this when they are mistreated or when they have issues over salaries. They choose to treat them this way to show their anger and how they feel when they are fired. When we feel mistreated at work, there are a dozen ways to solve our problems, that includes talking to your boss or going to the CCMA. 

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What are your thoughts about what transpired between these men? Do you think we still have a long way to go to resolve these issues?