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VIDEO: Uncle Vinny’s Embarrassing Attempt To Make It Rain In Ghana

Remember the viral Uncle Vinny Challenge? Remember the teenager who popularised it and got famous from it? Well, he just got the biggest snub of his whole career, and Mzansi can’t keep calm.

The TikTok sensation was recently in Ghana where there was the biggest Amapiano festival ever to be held in the country. Many other Mzansi artists were present, including Uncle Waffles, Kamo Mphela, Focalistic, Mr JazziQ and DBN Gogo.

A video has now emerged online of the young dancer getting embarrassed by the crowd. Basking in the glory of his celebrity status, he chose to make it rain on the audience. He was filmed counting out a wad of notes, before he turned and threw the money at the crowd.

He probably expected them to rush for the money, maybe have a mini stampede trying to pick up the notes from the floor. But nobody moved a muscle. The audience can be seen looking at the cash as it dropped to the floor, then turning back to look at Uncle Vinny with a puzzled expression on their faces. One lady close to the cameras waves her hand at him dismissively, but what she says to accompany the gesture is inaudible over the loud music.

The video went viral as soon as it hit Mzansi social media, as tweeps agreed that the cringe factor of the video was the highest they had seen in a while.

The young Amapiano star has been turned into a laughing stock, as fans can’t believe Ghanaians did that to him. He has been advised to learn to read the room. Tweeps think the audience was not interested in his antics from the start, so they don’t understand why he thought that action was a good idea.

He has also been accused of trying to buy their interest with money when he couldn’t make them dance, which is a lot to surmise from a 14 second video.

Others have been applauding Ghanaian ladies for being unimpressed by his money and such cheap gimmicks. They have been comparing that response to how they think it would have turned out here in Mzansi, and concluded that Ghanaian ladies are more “classy” than their local counterparts. We will let you decide whether that is a fair analysis.

However, Uncle Vinny doesn’t seem to be embarrassed by the video. While all of Mzansi ridiculed him on Twitter, he shared the video on his Instagram stories, with laugh emojis. And we have to say, that is a great attitude. If he is able to laugh at himself, maybe he will be able to survive under the microscope of being a celebrity.

At just 19 years of age, he is already performing internationally, and all from one video that went viral. It doesn’t matter how big this flop was, the kid is going places. Maybe just learn to read the room, Uncle Vinny.