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VIDEO: Uyajola99’s Bodyguards Are The Real Heros

Is it really Sunday without some sort of praise?

Although Uyajola99 might not be the traditional kind of Sunday worship, you were thinking about…the people of Twitter felt there are some unsung heros that need a little light shone on them.

Seems like last nights episode of the new Mzansi favourite reality show, had viewers howling and laughing with tears so much so-that the show was high on the trending lists.

Without bringing any spoilers forth to the table, the cheater or the cheated always makes a scene (unintentionally for the most part) but last night proved that regardless of who throws their toys out of the cot-the security, bouncers, bodyguards (whatever you call them) always keeps a level head.

And social media too, noticed that throughout all the mess that is the confrontation part of the episode. The men in black, are the real MVP’s.


The fun never really stops for us on the couch, watching all the mess unfold but one thing is for sure, that regardless of the rumoured petitions that are waiting for the show to be axed-Mzansi will be tuned in for an Uyajola Sunday Service.

For those of you, who missed the foolishness that occured last night, never fear there is time to catchup on this episode later this week.

Source: ZAlebs