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VIDEO: Very Sad, Leaked Video Shows Jacob Zuma Handcuffed Infront Of His Family On Thursday

It is public knowledge that the former president on Thursday was released temporarily on compassionate leave to go bury his brother. This leave was apparently for a total of a few hours just only for the burial service to take place and he had to be taken back to prison after everything was done. For the very first time, the country got to see former president Zuma in handcuffs through a leaked video that was posted on the internet.

It was quite sad for most people to watch their former president Jacob Zuma and such as hard to accept but the reality of the fact that at the current moment Jacob Zuma is a convicted criminal. Although the video is very sad as his all family gets to see their beloved Zuma in handcuffs as he is about to leave and go back to prison it also shows that he is a very strong man as he smiles through it all.

In the shows Zuma with handcuffs as family chants for his last goodbye.

In the video, Zuma is seen laughing through the whole situation as his whole family chants for him before he leaves to go back to prison. It is quite evident that former president Jacob Zuma has accepted the fact that he is now a prisoner of the law and there’s nothing he can do to escape it but fight it through the very same law that sent him to prison. It is still unknown who took the video and leaked it to the internet, but it is now confirmed that Jacob Zuma is a convicted felon and South Africa got to see him in handcuffs.

It seems that the family praises the former president for his great contribution to the country and obviously his family. More South Africans thought the video was very sad as it showed a man who’s approaching 80 years being in handcuffs and in front of his loved ones, which is something that no one should suffer through.

Watch the full video below.