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VIDEO: Viggy Pulls Out Of Idols SA

Idols SA hopeful Viggy shocked social media on Monday morning after announcing she is pulling out of the singing competition.

Viggy and her twin sister, Virginia, have been firm fan favourites since the start of the singing competition. Even though loyal fans believed the twins had it in them to make it all the way to the top, things took an unexpected turn on Sunday night when Virginia was booted off the show.

Then in a video that has since gone viral, Viggy announced she had withdrawn from the competition.

Viggy started off by confirming her decision to leave the competition, and then thanked her fans for all the support they gave her during her time on Idols SA.

“It’s not nice to say I quit without letting you guys know because there are some people who have spent their money to keep us in the competition. However, I cannot tell you why I have left the competition but what I can say is that I love you. I love you. I love you all a lot and may God continue to bless you. We thank you for all your support.”

Social media was filled with speculation about Viggy’s decision.

Followers of the show weighed in on how Viggy and Virginia were pitted against each other in the bottom two on Sunday night, and faced an excruciating elimination moment on stage which saw Virginia going home.

After her sister was booted out, Viggy took to the stage and rocked her performance, making fans stan with her even more.

While she was participated in the singing competition, Virginia was a firm fan favourite alongside her twin sister, and they showed their versatility and singing ability.

The singing competition has close to five weeks left before the winner is announced, and fans are in for quite the ride as it is uncertain who will take the title.

Idols SA released an official statement on its Facebook page, also confirming the news.

“From the beginning of their Idols SA journey, the twins, Viggy and Virginia have always said they are in this together.

“After lengthy discussions, Viggy who still remained in the Idols competition post Sunday night’s elimination has decided to exit the competition. We would like to wish both Viggy Qwabe and Virginia Qwabe all the best in their careers as they are both extremely talented,” read part of the statement.

Shocked and confused, social media is in their feels about Viggy’s decision.

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