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VIDEO: Vocalist Nichume Siwundla laid to rest

THE promising vocalist who had a bright future,Nichume Siwundla,has been laid to rest.

Hundreds gathered at the East London International Convention Centre on Saturday morning to bid farewell to the 27 year-old singer.

House producer and DJ Mobi Dixon,who was Nichume’s mentor,was notably absent.

Dixon,who also hails from East London,has been fingered as the reason behind Nichume’s shock suicide last Friday.

Speculation points fingers at Mobi for frustating the young singer who was the sultry voice on his mega hits Bhutiza and Visa.

Daily Sun reported this week that Nichume reportedly jumped from the second floor balcony of fellow friend and actor Oros Mampofu’s apartment in the east of Joburg.

The sombre programme included song and only friends and family spoke. Nichume’s brother Qamani Siwundla told people who were gathered there that they were very close with Nichume.

“When Nichume died I was at work. While I was at work I did not know what was happening in my body.

I did not feel ok at all that whole day and at the time I was not aware that my sister passed on.

Later that evening I received the news that my sister passed on. I realised that my body was telling me that there was something wrong that I was going to hear. My sister left us very soon. She used to fight my battles.

She was monitering every step that I take in life. If I posted a photo of me with girl on WhatsApp or Facebook she will ask who is that girl. Nichume thank you very much for being my sister.

Go my sister we will meet again. But I am not going to follow you very soon because there are many things that I have to do at home,” he said.

Family spokesman Monde Tabata said the family is very sad.

“But Nichume’s parents do not want what happened to their daughter happen to other children who are the artists. Siwundla family is a decent family that have respect and dignity.

What Nichume has experienced in the music industry has hurt her parents very much. I know this family very well. I have been the friend of the family for 45 years now.

It is their wish that other artists must not experience what Nichume experienced. ” he said.

She is going to be buried at Cambridge Cemetery .