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VIDEO: Woman Kisses Zodwa On Stage

In one of Zodwa’s latest live performances, she was seen kissing a woman on stage. In the video posted by the socialite, a woman up at a higher point on stage grabs Zodwa’s head and pulls her closer. She leans in as though she thinks the fan is trying to whisper something in her ear, but the fan turns her head back to her, nuzzles her neck and pulls her closer. We then briefly see them kissing, before the camera turns away to film the crowd.

In usual Zodwa fashion, she was dressed in a short skirt that left little to the imagination. She was in the crowd but on a raised platform, and fans were reaching up to touch her in her nether regions. While her dressing is no excuse for them to be touching her like that, this is not the first time that fans touch her inappropriately at a concert. Recently, she was sexually assaulted by a fan who shoved his fingers between her legs while she danced after taking her underwear off on stage.

Fans have poured in her comments to express their discomfort about the video. They feel that the situation should be seen for what it was — sexual assault. The woman had no right to forcefully kiss Zodwa, and that the video is neither funny nor entertaining in the slightest.

Zodwa often makes headlines for conduct deemed inappropriate by most. She is currently dating a younger guy, which got many people talking, as others speculated that he was either using her for her money, or she was forcing herself on him. Either way, she has publicly said that she gives him a boyfriend allowance, and she does not care whether it all ends in tears.

Despite all the controversy, Zodwa seems to have a heart of gold underneath. She constantly celebrates her relationship, and says she loves being in love with her Ben 10. She pays no mind to all the haters who think her relationship is a bad idea. In fact, just recently, she took a big step and cut off all her hair, and it was her boyfriend who shaved it off for her. It was a lovely bonding moment for the couple, as it was a subtle way for her boyfriend to assert that he loved her with her new look.