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VIDEO: Zahara says she was born without an umbilical cord

This viral video has left many people scratching their heads after Zahara divulged interesting information about how she had a rare birth.

A small clip has resurfaced of the award-winning singer’s interview on Podcast and chill with MacG.

Zahara appeared on Macgyver “MacG” Mukwekho popular podcast in September and what was most talked about after it aired was her beef with Dj Sbu and his record label.

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However, during her sit-down with MacG, Zahara claims she was born without an umbilical cord.

“I was born in a sac, yes you can Google it. [There are] children born in a sac there are those born in with an umbilical cord but there are those born without an umbilical cord. In the world we are only 40,000, Google it. “

Watch Zahara explain being born in a sac:

En caul birth

The medical term of children being born in a sac is, called en caul birth, HealthLine reports.

It is when the baby comes out still inside an intact amniotic sac (caul). The baby may look like the newborn is completely gift-wrapped in a soft, jello-like bubble.

An en caul birth is also called a “veiled birth”, but according to HealthLine, this “rare beauty” happens in less than 1 in 80,000 births.

Zahara is correct that the amniotic sac is a bag of mostly water inside the womb, and she explains that doctors were afraid to open the sac and weren’t sure how she was able to breathe.

The singer says her mother retold this story to her, and that on the third day after her birth, Zahara opened the sac herself.

According to HealthLine, the baby comfortably floats inside the sac, rapidly growing and developing. Amniotic fluid is a light yellow liquid that protects the baby and keeps them warm.

MacG’s cohost Sol Phenduka reacted to Zahara’s story saying: ” A special child.”


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the medical term for newborns born without an umbilical cord is omphalocele. It is a birth defect of the abdominal (belly) wall.

Just like the sac, the organs are covered in a thin, nearly transparent water-like sac that is hardly ever open or broken. In the US, it is estimated that one in every 4,200 babies is born with omphalocele.

The infant’s intestines, liver, or other organs stick outside of the belly through the belly button.

Some people were not convinced by Zahara’s story, and shared their scepticism on social media – particularly the part of her being born without an umbilical cord.