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Viewers react to Thembisa Mdoda on #TheQueen

Zandile Msutwana plays Vuyiswa on the Queen. It was said that she will be replaced by Thembisa Mdoda due an injury that she got on set. Some people welcomed Thembisa with open arms. However, there are most people who are struggling with the idea.

Viewers reacted to tonight’s episode through social media. Most people were not pleased at all, and they are requesting for the real Vuyiswa to come back. They says this was a bad move and they should have said Vuyiswa had visited the relatives or something.

Thembisa Mdoda is an exceptional actress, however, people are already used to Zandile. Now they are forced to compare the two. From the way they act, and how they talk. What do you think of this whole move. Should they have waited on Zandile to recover and come back? Are viewers struggling to adapt to changes?

Viewers will probably be used to the idea of the new Vuyiswa by next week.