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Was she wrong to wear this at an Airport?

At times rules do not have to be specified at a place, but one can feel what is allowed, and what is not allowed. There are people who don’t believe in wrong dress codes. Like this woman who was spotted at the airport. 

The picture is doing its rounds on social media, and people are debating whether the woman was wrong for having her night gown on at the airport. When someone is walking around with a night gown, for some people it is the same as them walking around in an underwear.

There could be a possible explanation as to why she had a night gown on at an airport. Maybe she was super late for her flight, or she had and emergency, and did not prepare for the trip, or something else. Most people are still in disbelief, and are left with unanswered questions. Some say it is cold and she is just trying to keep warm. Do you think this is an appropriate dress code to go out in the public?