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WATCH: Anton reveals his biggest fear to Boity

Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Thulo and her partner Anton Jeftha are relationship goals after recently going public with their love, and getting candid on the AEG Couple’s Challenge.

The pair both took to their Instagram pages to share the video of their couple’s challenge with their fans and followers.

In the caption of her post Boity said that she had a lot of fun doing the challenge with her boyfriend, and also stated how impressed she was to find out that her and Anton know quite a lot about each other.

“We did the @aegsouthafrica AEG Couple’s Challenge to see how well @antonjeftha and I know each other! I was actually quite impressed and enjoyed it more than I thought I would,” said the businesswoman.

The challenge began with Boity explaining that they were about to do the AEG Couple’s Challenge, and that each person has 12 questions to ask the other. She then went on to ask Jeftha the first question: “What is my full name?”

As the couple’s challenge went on, Boity and Anton’s fans got to find out a little more about their lives, their interests and their past.

The challenge revealed that the rapper has an interest in interior design and would like to get more into that sometime in the future.

It was also revealed that when she was younger she dreamed of one day becoming Miss Universe.

When it was time for Anton to ask Boity questions about his life, it was revealed that Anton studied at the University of Western Cape, he loves to eat chicken, and he loves to train and workout out to Drake’s music.

Nearing the end of the video, the actor asked Boity what one of his fears were. Boity responded that he has a fear of not being able to follow his dream as an actor.

Anton said that she was not wrong, but his biggest fear is actually Boity holding him down and tickling him.

The couple went public with their romantic relationship in December when Thulo shared a video of moments and memories she shared with her loved ones on Christmas Day which included a picture of the two of them sharing a kiss, which confirmed that the two are actually dating.