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Watch: Nasty C finally meets his twin brother

Nasty C fans had an awesome time at Nasty C’s Ivyson tour which kicked off at his home city of Durban on Saturday night.

And whilst his fans packed the venue to the rim, it was also interesting to see that his long-lost twin brother – Nasty – B also made an appearance at the tour as well.

But what was awkward about Nasty B’s appearance is that it may seem as though some of Nasty C’s fans were taking pictures with the rapper lookalike as they thought it was him, oh dear, we sincerely hope that really was not the case.

Nasty B even had the pleasure of meeting the real Nasty, and by the looks of this brief video, it was mad buck backstage.


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Nasty B’s photo went viral a week ago after social media users pin-pointed the similar features he and Nasty C have.

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